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Social Media Trends

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018 You Should Focus

Social Media Marketing Trends -We have entered into 2018 where everyone is hoping the best to happen. There are people who are expecting a better year ahead for themselves. Whereas, the business entrepreneurs are in the hope of getting more revenues from their venture.


But, have you adopted social media marketing to fruitfully promote your business? Social media marketing companies consider it as a success mantra for businesses to get maximized goals and conversions. Webviola Digital Solutions finds a top place in the online marketing industry by providing social media marketing services to boost the online presence of clients’ businesses.

Today, the golden rule of marketing is to market the brand where the prospects spend more time. You would be amazed to know that a larger part of demographic spends time on social media. So, it would be better if businesses make it a powerful tool for maximizing sales and conversions.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are the best social media platforms. Nowadays, these have become the powerful tools for brand marketing. Most of the businesses understand the significance of social media marketing. This encourages them to include social media trends in their business marketing strategies.

Since the social media trend is no older for businesses. But, these frequently change due to the new technologies and features are added. Undoubtedly, marketers are freely using social media networks as the reliable marketing tools. But, after some time, they will expect new attributes in social media advertising.

Here, we will describe the most predicted and the best social media marketing trends for 2018.

Social Media Marketing Trends


  •  Video content will expand the wings

 You must be wondering, how video content will cover the social media marketing realm? It is the powerful medium which is running drastically and will dominate the market in 2018. It is eating the internet.

As per studies, 60% of social media marketers used video content in 2015. And many of them have used it again in 2016.

 This proves that how the graph of video content is growing year by year. There is no exaggeration to project it a powerful social media marketing trend for more upcoming years.

  • Use of chatbots for better coordination

 Customer relation management is significant for establishing a successful business. In this context, social media networks helped businesses a lot. We know that social media platforms bring brands and customers closer and establish real-time engagement among them. Instant messaging features by social media made this easier for businesses to get real-time feedback from users.

Chatbots created on social media platforms are highly-powerful and establish connections between the opposite parties instantly. Using chatbots, a business can get tremendous opportunities to leverage their brand presence. To get the most out of social media marketing strategy, marketers use messaging apps for better customer communication. This completely changes the way customers get their queries resolved.

  • Personalized content creation

 Today, millions of businesses create buzz on the same social media platform to get traffic. It is very difficult to get noticed in this noisy environment. Here is a great way out, i.e., creating personalized content for customers. Due to the growth of marketing through social media, people’s resistance to the ads on social platforms is increasing. But, still they get trapped by marketing tricks and it is working. Marketers approach personalized content strategy to get more clicks and conversion for their targeted page.

  • Voice search will be the best way

 Voice assistance has become the best medium to grab customers’ attention. It has been integrated into everything from TVs to mobile devices. To socially advertise your brand, it would be better to integrate your brand with voice technology. Google is also a big social media platform where you can find answers by whispering a few words. Hence, it is clear that how voice technology is evolving the world around. This trend is currently running with ease and is predicted to evolve much better in 2018.

  • Virtual reality will find its place

 With the virtual reality, the market will get even much better in 2018. This trend brought something new to the industry. Stats say that virtual reality is projected to see a revenue increase of 18%. This trend is expected to grow tremendously in 2018.

This can be done if the brands use a VR headset or viewer (VR devices). This makes the videos and short stories clear for users. Making videos more visible results in better clicks and views. This is because brands can effectively share their stories. So, if you have planned to shoot promotional videos this year, try experimenting with different formats.

  • Adopt automation to win customers

 Across the market, there are millions of users and millions of competitors. If you want to win the race, you must experiment automation strategy for your social media ads.

The ads’ that customers viewed once does not open again on any device. Automation is the idea which reminds the customers about the saved and watched ads. These tools can be integrated with any social media platforms to increase ad’s connectivity.

Due to the positive growth in business, marketers also agreed that automation is the real tool for social media monitoring. Moreover, in the upcoming year, marketers planned to profoundly use automation technology as their influential marketing technique.

  • Live content will attract customers

 Today, businesses have adopted a technique of live content to grab customers’ attention. This is drastically increasing day by day. It influences customers and engages customers with their live demos and short videos. This trend is new and covering all the landscapes of the social media marketing. Today, most used social media platform is Facebook where brands use short videos and demos to explain their product.

Broadcasting the products in front of customers is the powerful strategy. You can consider it a masterstroke to market your upcoming or newly launched product.

Final thought:

 In 2018, it’s mandatory to keep pace with all the social media marketing trends. To get started, you can learn a few important things from the above-mentioned trends. You can also analyze what improvement is needed to address the challenges arise during social media marketing.


Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018 You Should Focus
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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018 You Should Focus
Social media marketing trends are no older for businesses. But, these frequently change due to the new technologies and features are added.
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